Project Description

At Pomegranate Healthcare we provide direct, one-on-one careto any individual who has sustained physical injuries from a motor vehicle accident (MVA).We understand this can be a very stressful time – communicating with your insurance company, consulting an attorney to understand your rights, decreased functional capacity at home and work and trying to cope with the physical pain resulting from the car accident. A comprehensive orthopaedic and neurological assessment is performed by an experienced physical therapist to determine the nature and extent of your injuries. The objective is to develop an individually tailored rehabilitation programtargetingpain, physical limitations, knowledge gaps, in conjunction withyour personal goals.

A wide variety of tools are used to help youachieve maximal recovery which include but are not limited to:

  • joint mobilizations and manipulations

  • soft tissue release

  • instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization

  • therapeutic exercises

  • electrical stimulation

  • functional taping

  • cryotherapy/thermotherapy

  • dry needling/anatomical acupuncture

We do everything in our power to reduce your workload by communicating with your claims adjuster, filling out necessary paperwork and directly billing the insurance company, to help you focus on what matters – your health.


  1. call your auto insurance company to report the car accident, you will be assigned an adjuster who will be responsible for managing your file and a claim number will be created for you which is required to kickstart your rehabilitation program
  2. book an appointment with our physical therapist for your one-hour motor vehicle accident consultation, before your visit you will be sent an intake form electronically to collect information about your MVA, an orthopaedic and neurological screen will be performed during your initial visit
  3. the physical therapist will complete a treatment plan (OCF-18, OCF-23), it will be reviewed with you and co-signed
  4. schedule your treatment visits based on the frequency of care suggested by the physical therapist

Once you open up a claim, you will receive a package in the mail from your insurance company containing an Application for Accident Benefits (OCF-1). This form has to be filled out as soon as possible and submitted to your adjuster to allow your healthcare provider to directly bill the auto insurer.

If you are unable to work after the car accident due to the extent of your injuries a Disability Certificate (OCF-3) has to be completed by a medical doctor, physical therapist or another eligible provider to start the income replacement benefits process.

It’s important to follow-up with your family doctor so that they have a medical record of your physical injuries and the ability to track your progress.


If you have extended healthcare benefits for paramedical services through your employer, legally you are mandated to use them first before the auto insurance benefits can be utilized.


We’re available 6 days a week and have specific office hours with all our team on site.



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