At Pomegranate healthcare, a physical therapist can determine the appropriateness of bracing a joint, depending on the nature and extent of the injuries.

Braces help to minimize acute and chronic pain by providing protection, stability and enhanced proprioception to joints. Acute injuries and chronic conditions can be managed with various orthopaedic supports to help reduce unwarranted stress on tissue that is already irritated. 

The goal might be to immobilize a joint to allow natural healing to take place. An immobilizer brace is typically prescribed for a fracture or significant ligament/tendon tear. Occasionally, a joint becomes dynamically unstable due to repetitive stress or trauma so a functional brace is prescribed to mitigate the risk of further injury, especially during high intensity activities.

If you have extended health care benefits through your work employer, a brace might be covered under your policy. Often you need a medical referral in order to be eligible for coverage. Please follow-up with your insurance company to get further details.